Great class!

I managed to actually find the time tonight to complete a whole class through and did Class 4, just like I would with normal training, and it is a great feeling to do something in its entirety.  Even though time is short, I have a plan to work through all classes with at least one class a week, along with my own practice of techniques.  I particularly found the mini test helpful tonight, need much more of that over next few weeks on the way to taking the test itself!  I am realising I need to treat myself to a shorter bo for indoors however… the light fitting took a fair old wack tonight…Thankfully, it still works though!

Difficult week but some progress

Well, the last week has been difficult.  Work has been so busy that it has been hard to fit in a lot of time for practice and learning.  I have managed to continue training in small chunks at least, working my way through Bo Kata 1 to the point where I know the pattern.. I just need to work on the smoothness of transitions between sections.  I am finding limited space indoors a bit of a challenge for the Kata however… as evidenced by the marks and dents appearing on my wall (oops!).  Hoping to get some chance to practice outside over the weekend in the garden if weather is ok.

I thought I would share a pic of my practice equipment too.  I have quite a solid Oak Bo which I use outdoors when I have the chance, but indoor practice is mainly a thinner dowel piece of wood at the moment (much less chance of breaking something!).  I am looking for a thinner lighter weight bo at the moment which might help.


Learning Bo Kata 1

Trying to find time to learn and practice has certainly been part of the challenge this first week! Most evenings are taken up with lesson planning and taking care of family. I have worked out however that the best way to do this is in small little chunks.. its supprising how much you can get through in 10 minute power sessions!

I have had the chance to start going over a lot of the techniques I learnt when I first started the course a year ago, re-watching lessons to make sure I am remember techniques correctly. The biggest challenge however (and the most fun for me!) has been starting work on learning the first Bo kata. I am a big fan of learning katas, and have had learn quite a few over the years (think my brain is up to about 21 now!) but doing one working with a staff certainly is different and very enjoyable. Biggest problem I found so far though… is a serious lack of space! The weather here is terrible, so confined to indoors at the moment. Very much looking forward to a dry evening to practice outside in garden. Here we are so far though, up to Section 3. Getting there slowly!

Getting started!

download.jpegI thought i’d get started on this blog by introducing myself a bit and where i’m taking this challenge from.  My name is Paul, and I have being doing martial arts with Karate for a few years now.  I am still training, but really wanted to try something new to expand and as a bit of a new challenge.  I have always wanted to do some weapon based work but time limitations make it very difficult with work and family.  Finding the Global Martial Arts University ( was a perfect chance to learn something from home, especially with the ‘Bo’ which fits well with Karate I have been doing for years.

Training started well and I was making good progress until suddenly work took over and there was no time, so training stalled.  The type of person I am however, I always work best when I have a target or goal, and the 90 Day Challenge was a perfect chance to kick start back into training again, so here I am.  I hope this will get me going, through my Yellow grade, then onward to higher levels!

By the way, this is my mini-dojo so to speak.  Its not massive, but it is big enough to practice when the weather is not good enough to venture out into the garden (which isn’t reliable at all in the UK!).  Week 1 of training here we go…